About Girl Power Hour

The Story

The "Y" in GPH

The idea of Girl Power Hour started with a conversation between two women in 2007 at an ultra boring run-of-the-mill co-ed networking event. They thought it could be done differently, better. Better lighting, better cocktails, better programming, better music. Less card pushing and 30-second commercials, more fun, more social, more glam. That's when Girl Power Hour was born; for women-only. Why? Because the dynamic that men bring to networking changes everything and there wasn't anything just for women at the time. So why not?

Nothing Lasts Forever Except Love

It was a fast and furious ride through 2013, then it was time for a break, a change, a regroup, a reboot. Times change, people change, things change, social media was even different. The one thing that hasn't changed is the love for helping women build meaningful connections by providing a dedicated time to meet face-to-face. We needed that when we started, and we need it now, more than ever. 

The Time is Now

With the fast growing cities (like Seattle), lack of interpersonal relationships off-line, a tumultuous political landscape, economic inequality and other issues facing women, now is the time for us to turn towards each other as a community, as sisters, and go to work. We invite you to join us with open minds and open hearts to see what we can do together. We look forward to seeing you!

The Team

Darnell Sue, Founder

Community leader passionate about helping women connect with each other. @darnellsue

Kelly Dearey, Executive Director

Passionate of about building brands and communities through experiential marketing.  

We're Growing the Team

We are looking for passionate, creative, socially-connected women to help us grow. If you're interested building community with us and in your own right, contact us. 

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