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Girl Power Hour Summer Social @ Raw Bar, July 25, 2018

Are you new to Seattle or the Eastside and looking to make new friends or connections? Do you want to expand your business and social circles? Are you looking for a cool way to meet other women? Do you want to get out of the house and have some fun? Great! Then let’s get social! We’re taking over Raw Bar 89 again for an honest discussion about how the new social media norms are affecting our personal lives and our businesses. There will also be the signature GPH-style socializing you've come to know and love, door prizes, cocktails and more!  Our last event sold out, so get your tickets early. 

About Us

We Don't Gossip, We Network

 We know it’s not always easy to do something different. It can be scary or intimidating to walk up to a stranger and say hello. Especially if you’re new in town, if it’s your first event or, if you’re attending by yourself. This is why we’re here! In a world where social interactions aren’t always face-to-face, we’ve always made it a point to make time to meet in person.

It's a Sisterhood Thing

Girl Power Hour builds community for women with networking events, but, it’s more than that. It’s a place to break out of comfort zones, be yourself and genuinely connect with others in ways that can be life changing and maybe even impact each other and our communities . It’s a sisterhood. Let's rally the troops and get this party started!   

Power In Numbers

Everyone knows someone you want to know, you just don’t know it yet. We know this is true, because we’ve met hundreds of amazing women who have shared stories of meeting best friends, their next employee, business partner, traveling buddy or bridesmaid. You never know who you’ll met at an event or how they'll impact your life.  

What the Girls Say

"Girl Power Hour is an incredible, diverse and beautifully inspirational group of successful business women."

-Rani Bal, Business Owner 

“Thank you for putting on these events! It’s great to see women gathering to network; it gives me hope for the future.” 

– Leslie, GPH Attendee

"It was wonderful to meet other talented and inspiring female in our community."

- Melinda Raebyne, Filmmaker 

"After interning for Girl Power Hour in college, I landed my first job after graduation through the connections I made during my time there, which have been immeasurable.” 

– Madison Plancich, Communications Specialist 

"There’s not a wallflower in sight and everyone in attendance seems genuinely interested in meeting other people."

- Jamie, The Ruby Room 

“Girl Power Hour completely changed my life. I am still having holiday parties and getting together with my best friends, women I met through Girl Power Hour” 

- Renessa Strong, Author, Speaker, GPH Event Host

Building Community One Event at a Time

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