10.21 The Fur Mom: People Who Have No Empathy for Pets are Evil

Earlier today I walked in on a conversation where a woman was complaining about a dog who was misbehaving.  The dog had bitten a couple of people.  My first thought was that the dog could be in pain or has some latent fears.  What’s his history?  Has he been to the vet?  Did the owner consult with an animal behaviorist?

Nope.  The owner got rid of the dog.  Put the dog to sleep.

I get so fed up with stories of people throwing away their pets like last week’s paper.  Don’t they know that our pets have souls, feelings, thoughts?  Don’t they know that pets love?  Don’t they realize that we’re responsible for creatures who can’t care for themselves?  Speak for themselves?

I don’t understand people who are disgusted by animals, can’t understand people who have animals in their home, and cringe when they hear about the lengths we’ll go to make our pets healthy and happy.  I look at them in awe, wondering what happened in their miserable life that made them hate animals so very much.

  • Were they bitten by a dog?
  • Are they afraid of cats?
  • Did someone they love hurt them?

Our pets’ value is rising in our community and I know that there are thousands of people out there who would rather die than put their dogs down for becoming an inconvenience or an embarrassment.  There are so many other options.  Why not contact a rescue group for help, a veterinarian, a dog trainer?  Why not re-home the dog?

I literally cheer whenever I hear a story of a puppymill being shut down.  Finally, these dogs are going to receive the love and care they deserve in exchange for unconditional love and loyalty.  I feel that they made a huge sacrifice to bring to light the plight of animals being abused and now their “time” is over and they can go to their forever home.

I truly believe that people who have no empathy for animals are evil.  They just don’t get it.  They just don’t get me.  People who can casually discuss putting a dog down with the tone that all other dogs should follow amaze me.  It amazes me even more when someone can have this discussion in the home of an animal lover.

Some nerve.

I’m sitting here typing, surrounded by three dogs who love me and although I’m still shaken by the events of today (this animal hater also despises me), I’m thankful that I’ve been entrusted with three amazing dogs who provide us with hysterical memories day after day.

I may not be a perfect person, but I’m not going to be someone’s punching bag.  I won’t tolerate someone coming into my home and disrespecting me with name calling, bullying, and violence.  But I’m a big girl, I can take care of myself, which is why it’s so important for me to stand up for creatures who can’t take care of themselves.

I would love to wrap this up with a swear, one that starts with an “F” and ends with a “you.”  But, instead, I’ll just say that we get one life and if people choose to spend their days spreading venom and hate to the people and creatures around them, I feel nothing but sadness for them, because they’re missing out on the amazing gift that pets are for us every day.

Now I have to snuggle with Sydney, Rodrigo and Blue.


Kimberly Gauthier

With Mommy Bloggers being all the rage, Kimberly Gauthier writes about dogs and being a Fur Mom. She don't have kids, so she's been on the receiving end of the "it'll happen" statements and looks of pity when people realize that she's made it to the big FOUR OH without conceiving. Fur Mommy Bloggers have a voice too and Gauthier intends to profile her journey with "The Fur Mom" feature on the Girl Power Hour blog. She says, we spoil our kids, we worry about nutrition and we schedule play dates...just as fur mom's do. And let's face it, puppy classes are a lot less spendy than private school. Follow Kimberly on Twitter at @TheFurMom

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  1. STAR

    Kimberly, You rock!

    I found you on a photography site and wound up here!

    Love your dog oriented links- especially for the veterans and other disabled humans who benefit from animal assistance.

    Sadly, due to being involved in domestic animal rescue, I am all too aware of the animal abuse and killing that happens all over the nation/globe.

    Not just dogs but all domestic animals, farm animals, exotics and wild life.

    It is a tragic fact that too many people think they are the uperior creatures on this planet and that animals don’t have the same right to a life as they do :-(

    Abuse is something that we can be watchful for, but as for wiping it out for good?

    I am afraid there will always be evil people out there among us and unfortunately many innocent creature will pay the price for ending up in their hands.

    Animal abuse awareness is the key and people need to speak up and report it!

    Great website and thanks for helping in more ways than you know -from the blog to the great links! :-)

    { I, too, don’t like people devoid of compassion or mercy- in general. Those people have something wrong with them. I have no use for them and try to steer clear.}.

  2. Kimberly Gauthier

    Glad yo

  3. Kimberly Gauthier

    Glad you found me, Star

    This is one of those things that just bugs the hell out of me. First, if you don’t like animals, then something is wrong with you. But to tell an animal lover that a dog should be put down just because the owner won’t invest in dog training just infuriates me. What an ignorant thing to say. Dog rescue is too much for me most days and the reality that people like this are out there and have access to animals makes me sick.

    I appreciate your comment.


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