04.27 The Fur Mom: My Sweet Fur Babies are Killers

The Stick

We live on 5 acres in Marysville, Washington.  For those of you who are city folks, I live in our version of farm country, although the people around me assure me that we’re not that rural. Our neighbors have corn fields, horses, cows, goats, and chickens.  Looks rural to me.

We also have moles.  For those of you who don’t know what a mole is, it’s a small creature with a long nose and creepy claw hands.  I saw a mole in a cartoon, it was cute, these things are not cute.  Every now and then we see a mole hill.  It looks like something pushed up a perfect pile of dirt, which is exactly what the moles are doing.  It’s illegal to kill moles and I think we’re supposed to hire professionals to trap and move them.  I just walk around stamping down the piles and go about my business.  A few mole hills on 5 acres isn’t that tragic.

Until now.

Mole Hill

Spring has sprung in Marysville (probably in Seattle too) and everything that was sleeping off the summer hangover is waking up and we see bunnies hopping all over the place.  There are also teeny little mice underneath the ground, crawling up through the decaying leaves that carpet the ground beneath our trees.  Who knew?

The dogs did.

The other day something got Sydney and Rodrigo’s attention.  They forgot all about me, their mommy, and the very amazing red Kong frisbee.  All I saw were quick movements and rapidly wagging tails as they worked together (herding breed?) and captured something.  All of a sudden Rodrigo stepped back, snapped his head sharply and I thought “you will never lick me again.”

He had killed a teeny mouse.

Since that day, Sydney and Rodrigo have worked in tandem to kill several teeny mice and each of the stamped down mole hills acts as a teeny grave.  My sweet fur babies are killers.

I’m just hoping that I don’t have to bury a bunny next.


Kimberly Gauthier

With Mommy Bloggers being all the rage, Kimberly Gauthier writes about dogs and being a Fur Mom. She don't have kids, so she's been on the receiving end of the "it'll happen" statements and looks of pity when people realize that she's made it to the big FOUR OH without conceiving. Fur Mommy Bloggers have a voice too and Gauthier intends to profile her journey with "The Fur Mom" feature on the Girl Power Hour blog. She says, we spoil our kids, we worry about nutrition and we schedule play dates...just as fur mom's do. And let's face it, puppy classes are a lot less spendy than private school. Follow Kimberly on Twitter at @TheFurMom

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  1. Susan Morgan

    Great article Kim. Hope to see you soon!

  2. Kimberly Gauthier

    Hi Susan!
    It’s been a long long time. How is your photography? A closed my photography business and started a blogging business which has been amazing. It’s so fun to see your name and email address. Thanks for reading!!!

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