12.03 Sweet Like Sugar: The importance of sifting your dry ingredients!

 How to add a little sweetness in your life!

When you are baking, it is important to follow directions: Bake at the proper temperature, using the correct ingredients, and make sure the batter is completely uniform. One key step I always follow, and encourage others to do, is sifting your dry ingredients. Just do my easy steps and sifting will be a natural habit in your own bake shop!

First off, what is considered a “dry ingredient” in baking? Think: anything with a powder texture, like flours, powder sugar, baking soda, baking, powder, salts, and cocoa powder. Remember, if it stored at room temp and “dry in nature,” it is a dry ingredient. Can it go through a sieve? Thus, yes, it is a dry ingredient.

Sifting is an act, a simple verb. The goal is remove all the excess lumps in your dry ingredients. If you do not sift, the dry lumps can easily be seen and tasted in the final outcome of the baked good. No beuno! All dry ingredients, especially flours and cocoa powder, get jam-packed in a tight, small package. Sifting brings it “back to nature.”

How does one sift flour? It is a pretty simple action: With a large mesh strainer, set it over large bowl. Put the dry ingredients in the mess strainer and gently “push” it through with your hand. Ta-da! You did it! Don’t have a mesh strainer? Use a large balloon whisk, and “whisk out” the visible flour clumps. Now you won’t have any small dots of flour stuck in your sweet treat. A “tanis” is a special pastry tool, specifically designed to sift dry ingredients. You won’t need one unless your are constanting sifting ingredients on a regular basis.

Helpful tip: Remember to measure your dry ingredients FIRST, then sift.

Sifting is easy to do and it will help the outcome of your delicious treats, making them have a fine crumb and light texture. That’s why it is important to do with angel food cakes, chiffon cakes, and any types of cupcakes.

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Kimm Moore

Kimm (2 m's!) is a wonderfully, sweet young woman who bakes sweet things for sweet events, specializing in cupcakes. After graduating from culinary and pastry school, and working in the professional food industry for nearly 8 years (and counting!), she took everything she liked, and disliked, about the food world and created Sweetness Catering. Sweetness creates unique cupcakes and treats for your special event and party. Follow her on Twitter @sweetnesscater

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