01.30 One Girl’s Road to Sundance




We watched our films in the Eccles Theater, which was so big it looked more like an opera house than a movie theater!

Martha Marcy May Marlene

Entered in the festival’s U.S. Dramatic Competition, this film definitely keeps you on the edge of your seat. The story is about Martha (Elizabeth Olsen) and her transition into a normal life after she spent two years in a cult.

As the story unfolds and goes deeper into Martha’s experience in the abusive cult, it becomes more and more chilling as she displays some very odd behavior and has some haunting flashbacks. Even further, during the Q&A session after the film, the director, Sean Durkin, explains the story is a true one. The movie details the experiences of his friend, who to this day, is still struggling with her transition into a “normal” life.

P.S. Elizabeth Olsen is an amazing actress. Watch out for her in the near future. She is going to be the next big star!

Like Crazy

Also entered in the U.S. Dramatic Competition, Like Crazy was arguably one of the most buzzed about films at Sundance. It follows the relationship of Anna (Felicity Jones), a student from the United Kingdom studying abroad in Los Angeles, and Jacob (Anton Yelchin), her classmate. Their relationship quickly blossoms, but is put on hold when Anna has to go back to the UK. When she tries to return to the United States, she finds she isn’t allowed back into the country.

The film is absolutely heartbreaking, showing the difficulties of being so far away from the person you love. It chronicles the ups and downs of having a long distance relationship, dating other people and trying to move on. The movie evoked such a desire for the couple to be together, but leaves you wondering if that will happen up until the very end of the film. My prediction is it will be the great love story of 2011. AND Paramount Pictures picked it up, so it should be released later this year!

The cast of Martha Marcy May Marlene


Who would have thought Sundance would be such a great place to see a show?! In addition to some great acoustic music at smaller venues, I saw Snoop Dogg! Meeting the right people, I found someone who had wristbands to his show! I caught the last part, when he performed all his best songs, in my opinion. All I really needed to hear was “Drop It Like It’s Hot.”

And, my favorite…CARMEN ELECTRA in the Pussy Cat Dolls burlesque show!

We were three feet away from her! She is so tiny in person!


I had the opportunity to meet some pretty amazing people, from producers and directors to former super models (and Darnell Sue, of coarse!).

My celebrity sightings ended up being: Danny Glover, Maria Menuonos, Jermaine Dupri and Tony Parker (I think…). But…the pinnacle of them all…

As a crowd of people swarms the sidewalk, I’m wondering, “Who is that…?”

Getting closer!

The first question anyone asked once they heard about my trip: “Are you going to meet any famous people?!” My only response: “I just have this feeling I’m going to meet James Franco.” And I did! He was very gracious to everyone who wanted to meet him, even though his manager “dropped the ball,” as he put it, and left him stranded in a sea of excited fans.

Thanks again Girl Power Hour for a once in a lifetime opportunity!


Shauna Nuckles

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  1. Carol Peterman

    Thanks for the recap. What a fabulous experience!

  2. Darnell Sue

    Just looking at this again….blown away!

  3. Shauna Nuckles

    Can we please go back again?! Next year, Sundance, round 2 ;-)

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