08.20 My current must-have products: foldable ballet flats, the best curl cream and more

Recently, I was in New York City for BlogHer ’10. If you’re unfamiliar with BlogHer - it’s a conference (and also a great online network) for fabulous bloggers across the nation who gather once a year for panels on all blog-related topics, networking with some of the most amazing women you could ever meet (Hello Jenny, The Bloggess, The Pioneer Woman and tons of fun 20-something bloggers!), and parties – oh the parties!

I was there to represent my 9-5 company, Whrrl, and if you’re interested in reading my entire recap of the conference, you can find that here. I wanted to share my must-have finds at the conference, however, with all the fabulous gals of Girl Power Hour. If you’re a women, it’s in my opinion that you can’t live without the following products:

Fit In Clouds: I was given a pair of these in my swag bag at Nikon‘s Night Out Party at Bryant Park Grill – and oh boy, did they ever save my life! If there’s one thing about New York City you should know – you need comfortable walking shoes to get around and take you from day to night. I was jetsetting everywhere, from the Hilton, where the conference was held, to various party locations in a cocktail dress. If I didn’t have these amazing little black satin ballet slippers in my bag to slip on, I seriously would have been home hours earlier. They were my best friend during my 1 a.m. walks home through Times Square! I’m gifting them to all my friends for Christmas.

iLuminess Air Brush Makeup: I received one of these little gifts of joy in the swag bag from the CraziBeautiful I Heart New York Social. Holy cow – I had no idea how amazing these things are! As the Luminess representative demoed the makeup at the party, she told me it’s mineral makeup and better for you to use an airbrush system since you don’t use dirty brushes that should have been changed or thrown out months ago. I didn’t know when it was really going to come in handy for me – but low and behold, I ended up having a last-minute Girl Power Hour photo shoot for D-List Magazine‘s September issue the day after I landed home from New York, so I decided to give the airbrush makeup thing a try. It was phenomenal! My makeup was flawless, didn’t budge or melt off my face in 80-degree Seattle heat. And I did it in my bathroom at home!

Ouidad Curl Line: Are you a curly headed woman? I am! And I’ve tried every product under the sun – seriously, I’m a major expert on curl products. Snag me at a Girl Power Hour event sometime, and I’ll talk your ear off about them (doesn’t that sound irresistible). I was given a bottle of this from Jessica at BernThis.com, who is friends with the woman who created the line. (Yes, even more of a reason to support it – made by girl! Ouidad dubs herself “The Queen of Curl.” We might have to fight for the title). :D I love, love, love it. I’ve had fabulous curls in the mid-August heat wave we’ve been getting in Seattle this month! Loves.

Enjoy girls! And you see you at our event this month in Bellevue! xoxo


Jeanna Barrett

Jeanna Barrett, formerly Digital Marketing Director for Girl Power Hour, now resides in San Francisco. By day, she's Head of Marketing & Digital Strategy for a mobile payments product in the Bay Area, by night she's going on 50 Food Truck Dates and writing about it. Follow her food truck reviews and dating stories on her blog, on Twitter @the50dates and on her Facebook page.

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