02.15 Live Simply: Label Makers

Happy (belated) February, Girls!

In an effort to help you stay the course of those organizing resolutions you may have made a little over a month ago, I’ve decided to give you a boost in the way of a labeler (or two). A labeler is an incredibly useful tool to have in your organizing arsenal, as they vastly increase your ability to quickly identify material goods. Not to mention, they’re kind of fun to use (no really, it’s all too easy to get carried away, I’ve seen it happen to many good girls before you). Here, then, are two top-notch label makers at both the higher and lower price points.
joj Brother PT-1950 USB-Ready Labeler // Brother Desktop Office Labeler with AC Adapter

Get to labeling Girls.

Til next time,



Annie Traurig

As a professional organizer, Annie Traurig is passionate about helping others simplify and enrich their lives. Annie has spent countless hours transforming spaces for her clients, who have ranged from top-tier attorneys and CEO’s to busy moms and seniors. Her approach to organizing combines the keen eye of an editor, the hands of an architect, humor and patience. She is committed to providing customized, space-efficient and stylish solutions to all organizing challenges. For quick tips, in-depth tutorials, and inspiring interiors, visit Annie’s website, www.livesimplybyannie.com or follow her on twitter @livesimply.

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