04.20 GPH 30 Day Challenge: Team Hustle (Our Fitness Experts)


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We are proud to introduce our team of fitness gurus and experts, also known as, ahem…Team Hustle.” That’s right, these gals are here to help whip us in to shape, I mean, offer us the fitness tools and philosophies we need to get the job done right without sacrificing life and limb. Here on the GPH blog, Team Hustle will provide weekly results-oriented  fitness options, activities and training for each Team GPH member and to all of you in the community looking to join in on the 30 Day Challenge. Team Hustle consists of three local fitness experts who we think are the best of the best and were chosen based on their stories, philosophies and results-oriented approach to helping women achieve their fitness goals.

Get to know our Gurus  and be sure to like them on Facebook and Follow them on Twitter:

  • Hilary Paris, Active Wellness – Holistic Personal Trainer, Yoga, Bootcamps
  • Adriana Medina, Fuerte Fitness and  fitness competition guru
  • Samara Donald, The Gym Coach – Strength Training, Efficient & Effective Exercise (3E), Workout Planning

Hilary Paris, Owner Active Wellness

Hilary Paris is the CEO, Holistic Personal Trainer and Yoga Instructor at ACTIVE Wellness Inc. in Seattle, WA. She is on a mission to educate people in her community on how to live longer, healthier, and happier lives. In our society of fast results and go-go-goers, Hilary believes there is no “quick-fix” to looking and feeling great. It is a journey, and you decide when to start on how far you want to go. As a Holistic Personal Trainer, Hilary’s approach with clients is to first figure out their purpose and core values followed by goal setting, not only in fitness and nutrition, but also in other areas such as career, relationships, and spirituality. Having added some value and purpose to these goals, it makes it that much more enjoyable to achieve them in a balanced and whole way.

Hilary’s background in movement is very diverse; she has experience in dance, yoga, weight lifting, plyometrics, half marathons, triathlons, cyclo cross racing, long-distance road biking, natural movement, figure and fitness competitions- you name it! She’s probably tried it. Hilary makes sure she tries virtually every fitness trend out there so she can get the facts straight before incorporating certain exercises into her clients programs, if at all. She is constantly researching the latest findings on fitness and nutrition so her clients don’t have to go through all the work to find the answers. Hilary attends continuing education events frequently and is committed to being an expert in her field. Hilary’s current fitness goals of 2012 include swimming 1.5 miles without stopping and winning professional status as a Figure Competitor at the National Championships in Atlanta, GA come November. Hilary has traveled extensively and has lived abroad in Spain and India. She brings her experiences with her where ever she goes, and she can often be heard counting reps in Spanish or Punjabi. She currently holds private and semi-private Personal Training and Yoga sessions; “Office Wellness Fitness and Yoga” classes, as well as “Office Wellness Lunch Talks;” and “Metabolic Training” group classes. For more information and to schedule a complimentary consultation, visit www.ACTIVEinSeattle.com. Done and done!

Web: www.activeinseattle.com | FB: activeinseattle | Twitter: @ActiveinSeattle | Email: hilary.paris@gmail.com


Adriana Medina, Owner and Founder Fuerte Fitness
My own before-and-after photos illustrate the journey I took from flab to fab and I’ve kept my commitment to a fitness lifestyle. My story proves that anyone can embrace fitness at any age and discover a passion that can change their lives.

My purpose in starting Fuerte Fitness was to impact and motivate people on a personal level. As a personal trainer you can only reach so much, classes a little more… With a true community however, we can raise ourselves and our families to make health an important part of their lives!  As a fitness competitor and business owner, I understand how crazy life can get. So with the proper motivation, education, and accountability you become the key! I believe that having a team of experienced fitness and exercise specialists is invaluable in helping people reach their goals.

Her goal is to help you reinvigorate your love of health and fitness by personal training, classes, nutritional guidance, and community outreach.  They offer cooking class, hiking, sporting events, and special workshops as well.  They realize everyone is different, so they make sure you get started with the right tools. Their mission is to help you set realistic goals, succeed and learn that fitness can be a fun and integral part of life. All it takes is a commitment to yourself, a little scheduling, and are on your way! Sounds like a plan.

Company Awards & Recognition
* Evening Magazine, Best New Business 2009
* Wallingford Chamber of Commerce President Awards 2009 and 2010
* Featured Business on Colors Northwest for Diversity & Business 2007
* Nominated Most Awesome Mom’s Fitness Program and Best Minority Owned Business 2011

Web: www.fuertefitness.com | FB: FuerteFitness | Twitter: @fuertefitness | Email: adriana@fuertefitness.com



Samara Donald, Owner and Creator of The Gym Coach
Samara is creator of TheGymCoach brand and a certified Group Exercise Instructor (AFAA) and Personal Trainer (ASFA). Started in 2007, TheGymCoach offers a variety of workout guides and programs, as well as in person and virtual fitness coaching, classes, and workshops. Samara’s mission to help you “Make the Most of your Workout” by providing information and inspiration to make working out not only effective, but more time efficient …and fun! When not at the gym, Samara is a full-time communications professional at a not so small software company in Redmond, WA. She is also a very happy newlywed (2011), step-mom to two elementary aged kids, and “doggie-mommy” to her two Chihuahua mix dogs. Her philosophy is that working out should work for you, and your life! We love it.

Web: www.thegymcoach.com | FB: TheGymCoach | Twitter: @thegymcoach | Email:Samara@thegymcoach.com

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*Want to join in with the 30 Day Challenge? These gals have put together a special 30 day work out just for you to join in on! Get the schedule here!


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