11.21 Feng Shui Harmony: Changing Spaces

It has been said that “change is never easy” and “change is good.” Whatever way you look at it, change is part of the cycle of life. Seasons change, tides ebb and flow and our lives expand or contract based on the choices we make.

The spaces we inhabit can also benefit from change. I recently consulted with a client ready to transform her college son’s room into a long-awaited art studio to expand her creativity.  Another client  is converting her basement into a mother-in-law apartment to generate income and another woman was seeking new colors for her bedroom following a divorce.  As we move into a New Year, be mindful that your home is a reflection of your life. What does your home say about you? Have you changed but your home hasn’t? Are you stuck in the past?

Here are some tips to create positive changes in your surroundings:

• Clear your clutter and donate items to create more space and less stress. Less is more!

• Change the artwork to reflect the energy of the season or your desired life experiences.

Paint your walls an uplifting color to enhance your mood and energy.

* Use textural fabrics for pillows, bedding and curtains to reflect the cozy, “yin” energy of the winter season.

Whether the shifts in your surroundings are small or big, change is good! Wishing you positive changes now and in the New Year ahead.


Cynthia Chomos

Cynthia Chomos writes the monthly blog Feng Shui Harmony, featuring design tips to create the harmony, success, and wellbeing you desire in your home and workplace. Cynthia is a Feng Shui Consultant, Color Designer, and Space Clearing Specialist with a passion for transforming her clients’ lives through the “person and place” connection. Trained in Classical Feng Shui, Cynthia has achieved the Red Ribbon Professional status as a member of the International Feng Shui Guild. For the past sixteen years, Cynthia has provided consultations for homes and businesses throughout the Pacific Northwest, Hawaii, and Europe. She has been a featured speaker at the International Feng Shui Conference and featured in the Seattle Times, Seattle Woman Magazine, and the Puget Sound Business Journal. Cynthia resides in an inspiring and harmonious home in Seattle. Visit her website at: www.CynthiaChomos.com and follower her @CynthiaChomos

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