What is Girl Power Hour?

Girl Power Hour is Stylish Networking for Women only. Occurring the third Thursday of every month at exciting venues across Seattle and the Eastside, Girl Power Hour events bring together fun, successful women just like you for a fabulous evening devoted to sharing ideas, building connections and making new friends. Every event also features inspiring special guests and speakers, charity tie-ins, door prizes, swag bags, and, of course, delicious cocktails. Girl Power Hour is networking the way it should be! Please refer to our ABOUT PAGE for more information about Girl Power Hour.

How Girl Power Hour Works

GPH is a 21+ event. You can find information about upcoming events under CHAPTERS. By signing up for Invites and Girletter, you’ll receive announcements about events and other news so you won’t miss any of the fun. Be sure to bring your ID, lots of business cards, and flyers to promote your business for the flyer table. Tickets are available on the GET TICKETS page or at the door for cash-only and usually for a hight price. Paying online, adds your name to the guest list and allows you to take advantage of lower ticket prices. The first 50 girls to arrive get swag bags and everyone is eligible for a door prize if they leave a business card at the check-in table. We have a professional photographer at every event, so expect to get your picture taken. There is no dress code, but we see Girl Power Hour as an opportunity to dress up—heels and the whole lot!

What should I wear to an event?

There is no specific dress code for our events, however we encourage you to dress up and have fun with it! If you are looking for dress code guidance, we suggest business casual.

Can I come alone?

We create an environment where you can network and even make a friend. You can come to our events alone or with friends.

Are men allowed?

Although we love men, they are not allowed to attend GPH unless they work at the venue.

What is the best way to network when coming to a GPH event?

The best way to network at our event is to be open and friendly. Our Power Team Members come to each event to help you network. Find one of them to introduce you to someone new. We also suggest bringing business cards in case you make a contact you would like to keep in touch with.

What if I have flyer’s, collateral or other goodies or items that I would like to give out at the event?

There will be a communal table provided for collateral or flyers only. This gives guests the opportunity to take what they do want and leave what they don’t want. If you have items that you would like to give away, please let us know and we’ll fill you in on Swag Bag guidelines and donation information. Giving out anything other than a business card will not be permitted.

How can I get a Swag Bag?

Swag bags are given to the first 50 women who arrive at the event. Purchasing a ticket does not guarantee you a swag bag. Please be aware that once you receive your swag bag, GPH is no longer responsible for your bag, nor are we responsible if it gets lost or misplaced.

How can I enter to win a Door Prize?

Add your business card to the fishbowl during check-in. If we pull your card, you must be able to tell us about one person that you met at the event in order to receive your prize.

How can my venue host a Girl Power Hour event?

The venues for our events are booked several months to a year in advance. We are not able to fulfill each venue request due to time constraints or occupancy of venue depending on the time of the year. Please understand that not every venue coincides with the mission of GPH. If your venue would like to host a GPH event, please contact us for more information.

How can I Volunteer?

To volunteer for GPH please send an email to zong@girlpowerhour.com. We will send you the volunteer application and information on how to volunteer.

How can my company sponsor an event, table or donate swag or a door prize?

You can get more information about sponsorship opportunities or donating by emailing below with information on your business and how you would like to participate in an event. We will contact you shortly thereafter. Please understand that we are not able to work with everyone. Our focus is our brand and philosophy; your business must align with our mission and goals.

How Can I Get Girl Power Hour in My City?

We recently launched our second chapter and have plans to expand to other major cities. If you are interested in being a part of Girl Power Hour in your city, please contact us directly.

I’m starting a networking group, can you provide me guidance?

We congratulate you on starting your own networking group, but are not able to provide you with information on how to start and run your own.