11.30 Fabulous Fitness: Five tips to prevent holiday weight gain.

Well here it is the day before December and if you are anything like most of my clients then you are starting to think that all your hard work this year is about to be foiled.  I am here to let you know that there are a few simple tricks to keep those calories down and still enjoy the holiday festivities. I always tell my clients not to avoid the treats but to enjoy them in moderation.  I personally try to think ahead before attending a holiday party.  Try my tips to see for yourselves.

Tip 1: Never go to the party hungry.  Always have some type of protein about 30-60 min before attending.  This way you have an appetite and will be able to have one or two treats and not overindulge.

Tip 2: Be polite, if you do not want the snack simply say no and let it go.  There is no need to feel guilty about disappointing the host. I am sure that the snacks will all be consumed and the best part is the calories are not going to your waist line.

Tip 3: If you must eat try to stick to healthier options such as fruits and vegetables or meats and cheeses.  Oh and let’s not forget wine. I always suggest that between your glass or two you should drink a glass of water.  This will help prevent dehydration.  When your body thinks it is dehydrated it will most often be confused for a hunger pang.  Causing you to go out and eat when your body may have needed water.

Tip 4: When cocktailing opt for a low calorie beverage such as club soda or low calorie tonic water as your mixer and avoid drinks with buttered or cream in the title.  These drinks may taste great but they are packed full of calories.

Tip 5: This is the most important tip of all.  Exercise, exercise, exercise! Try to do something active most days out of the week.  I like to break a sweat every day.  Seattle is full of great activities to get moving.  Take your dog for a stroll down Alki or around your neighborhood. Head to a local gym.  Walk or bike to work.  Do not laugh but mall walking is exercise.  Just find an activity that you enjoy and that your family enjoys.  This way you are spending quality time with your loved ones and developing a healthy lifestyle.

As always ladies stay fabulous!


Cameron Pasbrig

Cameron Pasbrig writes “Fabulous Fitness,” a monthly blog for Girl Power Hour focusing on fabulous fitness trends, exercises, pre-post pregnancy fitness and all things fabulous! Cameron is a Women’s Fitness Specialist with Certification from the National Academy of Sports Medicine. Cameron also graduated from Arizona State University with a Degree in Liberal Studies. In May of 2012 Cameron launched Fabulous After Baby FAB an inhome personal training service. Cameron has worked with women of all ages helping them reach their fitness goals. She is passionate for health and is dedicated to her clients! She utilizes an individualized approach to help her ladies feel fit and fabulous! She is positive that her new blog will provide the readers with inspiring and interesting tips to help everyone feel fabulous! You can find her at www.FabInHomeTraining.com or @CameronPasbrig

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  1. Jammie Shreve

    Cameron, thanks for those great holiday tips! I felt like a knockout at last year’s Christmas party, thanks to your personal training and easy to follow workout routine! Your one on one help really helped me to feel and look my best!

  2. Cameron Pasbrig

    Thanks Jammie! I am always happy to help.

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