10.18 Celeb Buzz: Seattle’s Tenth Most Eligible Bachelor Finally Revealed!

Last month many of you read my Seattle’s Top Ten Most Eligible Bachelors article and have been waiting to find out who my tenth bachelor is. Before I reveal who it is, I want to remind you a little of what the original article was about.

I decided to find out, who all the most eligible bachelors in Seattle were. At the beginning of my search, nominations poured in through Facebook, Twitter, and Email.   Bachelors from all walks of life were nominated, and I was pleased to bring you the Olympic Athlete, College Football Player, Entrepreneur, Engineer, Self Professed Geek, Young CEO, Author, Radio Host and World Traveler.

Thank you to all the ladies (and even some gents) who nominated their favorite fun, single and successful guy in Seattle to be included in Girl Power Hour’s list. And hey, we even appreciate the self nominations too (wink wink, you know who you are!).  The original nine bachelor list included Nathan Adrian, Andy Karuza, Marcus Harrison Green, Bob Stelton, Brayden Olson, Darwin Allen, Sean Hobday and CJ Ryan.

Without further ado, I bring you the 10th Bachelor, 32 year old Bryan Otis, Co-Founder of Tandemcal.com. Bryan is from Redmond, WA and his family owns Matthews Estate and Tenor wineries.  We even asked Bachelor #1, Doug Clerget, about Bryan and he had nothing but great things to say about him, “Bryan is a very generous guy. Both his family and his winery have been huge supporters of everything I am doing at DollarPerMonth.org. I could not be more grateful for their support. Honestly, I wasn’t surprised to hear Bryan made the Bachelor list as he is a really great guy!”

I was lucky enough to interview Bryan, here is a short excerpt from our interview:

Maile: Tell me a little about our job, and what you do.

Bryan: “I co-founded a company called Tandem, with my amazing brother, Scott. Our company was created to help schools and universities help be more scheduled, and socialize their events. Schedule and socialize? What does that mean? Schools and universities do a lot of events: sports events, club events, theater events. Paper calendars just can’t handle all the changes and updates that happen at schools and universities. We built an online application that helps schedule all their events in one, online master calendar. It shows when schools or universities are double booking their facilities. Once they are completely scheduled, we convert all their public events into Facebook Events so they can invite their community to support the events.”



Maile: How has business been going or you over at Tandem?

Bryan: “It has been going really well. It has been great to hear from over 1200 schools and universities across the country who use our application, on how they are better organized and are seeing more attendance at plays, sports games and events.”


Maile: Wow! That sounds great and must keep you really busy! What else do you have going on outside of work?

Bryan: “Well, my family owns two wineries, Matthews Estate and Tenor. When I’m not geeking out on online calendars, I help my family host events out at the winery for our friends in the area, as well as work with local restaurant sommeliers on food and wine pairings with our wines.”


Seattle’s 10th Most Eligible Bachelor Bryan Otis

Maile: You must be so lucky to have a family that owns a winery! What is your favorite part in your roles at the wineries?

Bryan: “It’s been great to meet a ton of new people at our events, and I love connecting with local restaurants!  Currently, its harvest time, and we are expecting out first batch of Cabernet Sauvingnon in the winery next week. We are so excited!” 


Maile: How do you balance your roles at the winery with daily work at Tandem?

Bryan: “I live a bit of a double life: Bruce Wayne of online calendars during the day, and Batman of wine by night. Really, it’s a lot of fun!”


Maile: You know that this is an article about Seattle’s Top 10 Most Eligible Bachelors. Tell me, what three qualities do you look for in a woman?

Bryan: “What three qualities do I look for in a woman? Three qualities really standout to me. “Only three”, you say? I know… I’m pretty simple.  Given that I am someone who is passionate about a very specific (albeit geeky) subject (which is: online scheduling and calendars, if you just skipped to this part) the first thing I look for in a woman is someone who is passionate about something. Could be anything really.  Someone who is authentic in their passion and ambition. General life enthusiasm is overwhelmingly attractive. Overwhelmingly. The second quality I look for is for someone that is an “includer”. Someone helps people feel included in any setting. That treats everyone as an equal. Someone who isn’t phased by titles, net-worth or celebrity.  Finally, (on the more superficial level), I look for someone who really enjoys great food and wine. Food and wine are a huge part of my life! It’s no secret that my family owns two wineries. We really enjoy getting together, cooking up a bunch of fantastic food and sharing life over some great wine. Even though we’re English, we sound pretty Italian!” 


Well ladies, that’s it the end of my interview. If you’re like me, Bryan’s family winery peaked my interest so I did a little digging. This section is for those you that want to know a little bit more about Matthews Estate Winery.

Established in 1993, Matthews Estate is located in the heart of the Woodinville Wine Country.  The boutique winery is owned by one local family and focuses on maintaining production of bordeaux style and single varietal vineyard designated wines, using grapes grown in Washington State from vineyards that have experience and respect for nature and soil.  The winery and winemaker, Aryn Morell, believe that there is a deep and tangible link between the vines, hills, winegrowers and winemakers, and carries this proof of affinity into every aspect of winemaking: from the vineyard to the cellar, from the vine to the wine bottle.

With amazing views of the valley, the 8 acre property is the location of the winery and Tasting and Barrel Room, as well as the Matthews Estate House and Event Center, which includes comfortable Bed & Breakfast accommodations.  The Estate House is a one of a kind intimate and elegant event facility that blends the traditional and modern and is an ideal setting for hosting private and corporate events that create special memories: placing people, delicious food and incredible wines in the same location!

Matthews Estate has a tasting room that is now open daily. The encourage the public to stop by and enjoy their newly renovated tasting room, and taste some of their excellent new wines.  Tasting room hours are everyday from 12-6 PM. They also have live music every Friday from 6:30 – 9:00 PM.

To view the original Top Ten Most Eligible Bachelors of Seattle Article, click here http://bit.ly/RMKmG2.


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