One big part of being healthy is exercising, and a fun way to burn some calories and enjoy the great outdoors it to take our dog for a walk, hike, or run! For many of us dog owners, our dog is a close friend and even feels like another member of the family.

The walk is one of the most important activities you can share with your dog. It’s a time for both of you to bond, and for you to practice calm, assertive leadership. Keeping this family member safe and happy is a high priority. Luckily, for those of you dog lovers who do not own a pet, there are many loving dogs in your area in need of a trip outside their cage. You can browse through different dog field trip programs in your area.

Follow these important tips to protect your pet and improve your dog safety mindset…

And ladies, remember…. don’t be afraid to walk your dog in style. Check out Chrissy Teigen’s Guide to Walking your Dog In style. Chrissy can be seen regularly outfitted in some of the coolest off-duty looks while walking her adorable pup Pippa.

Hopefully these tips will help you to keep you and your dog safe and healthy for many years to come!

DJ Risk One Cancer Fight

Marques Lewis (also known as DJ Risk One), was recently diagnosed with Adenocarcinoma, an extremely rare and aggressive type of cancer that affects less than 2% of all bladder cancer patients in the US. This type of cancer typcially occurs in 60-70yr old men, with a list of other contributing factors that don’t apply. Marques’ situation is the rarest of the rare.

He is one of those rare lights in the world; he has touched so many lives through friendships and music. He was raised by a mother who instilled in him high morals and values – qualities that have shaped his character today.He is loved by those who know him as someone who is reliable, funny, lovable, talented, and intelligent. Always available to listen or offer help and will log  out of his way to help others. He has many fine qualities that one finds in short supply these days.

He has been referred to one of the top Urologist in the nation at UCSF to have surgery to completely remove and reconstruct his bladder. They will also be removing his prostate and surrounding lymph nodes as this is the only way to guarantee this terrible cancer will never return. This will be a huge surgery with life altering side effects and consequences, but will literally save his life. His wonderful mother started a Go Fund Me campaign: Risk One’s Cancer Fight and so far we’ve been able to raise over $18,000 in donations, but still have a long way to go. In addition, I am donating 100% of my sales on j.a.Molina Creative on Etsy towards his fight.

I had the privilege to meet Marques back in college and we’ve been friends ever since. He has been there for me at crucial points in my life and has helped me grow into the woman I am today. You can read more about how Marques has changed my life on my latest blog post. Please help us share his story so we can continue to raise funds to help cover rapidly growing medical and daily living expenses. Any and all help is greatly appreciated. If you want to connect with Marques and send him some positive vibes, you can follow @RiskOne on Twitter and/or like DJ Risk One on Facebook. Please let me know if you have any questions and I can do my best to answer or connect you with his mother. Thank you in advance!

Until next time,

Jennifer Arlem Molina


Risk One’s friends and nightlife colleagues have planned benefit events in various cities to help with the cause.

The first event is Tuesday March 3rd at Brunos San Francisco.

PORTLAND Benefit: Wednesday March 4th at Tube

SEATTLE Benefit: Wednesday March 11th at Aston Manor (Pending)

DJ Risk One Cancer Benefit

Did you make any New Year’s Resolutions? How about your employees / co-workers, your loved ones?

Now that we are well into February, how is everyone doing? Is everyone still on track and optimistic about their goals?

Check out the list of TopGoals-2015 10 Resolutions. Do you see any of your resolutions listed?  Time Magazine stated that not only were these the top 10 resolutions, they were also the most failed resolutions. As I looked over the list I saw a strong correlation between them all. Every one of these resolutions relate to one’s well being and overall health. When one or more of these areas are out of balance, it can skew the others off course and cause us to feel out of control and frustrated with ourselves as well as with others.

We are pretty good at figuring out “what” we want to improve.  The challenge lies in figuring out “how” we can successfully achieve the goal by sustaining the necessary behaviors required. Knowing truly “why” we want the change is imperative. It needs to be a reason that will propel us through times when we may want to quit on ourselves.  The “why” and “how” are very personal and unique to each of one of us.

Let’s say you want to lose weight and get fit. Until you look at the deep emotional reason as to why you want to achieve this and seriously look at the roadblocks that have stopped you to this point, your motivation and ability to sustain the necessary behaviors to achieve this goal will be lower. Sit down and give yourself the time to imagine how you will feel when you have achieved the goal. What will your life look like? What will your sense of achievement feel like? What other areas of your life will improve by having this goal achieved? Once you see the outcome in your mind, it’s time to figure out “how” you are going to lose weight and get fit. You need to be honest with yourself and make sure you choose physical activities you enjoy and figure out what foods your body responds well to. Have fun with this and be open to trying new things. You could even bring the goal of “Learn something new” into play here. How about revising your goal to be, “I commit to learning & paying attention to how my body responds to the food I eat & the exercises I perform, focusing on optimal performance and health.” Have fun exploring this area. Pay attention to how you feel after you eat your meals. Do you feel energized or are you bloated & fatigued?  If you are consuming food that makes you feel fatigued, it will be hard to get yourself to exercise. If you are eating foods that make you feel vibrant and energetic, getting your fitness regimen in will be easier. By doing this, you have the potential to create a long term  lifestyle that allows you to lose the weight you want as well as get into better shape without “dieting.”

View your goals as an exciting opportunity to learn something new. Embrace them and enjoy the ride they take you on.

Here’s wishing you a magnificent 2015!

Stressed OutSally can’t seem to get her act together. She isn’t sleeping well and is under a great deal of stress at work and home. At this point, her lack of sleep and her high stress levels are making it hard for her to manage her jobsite. As a construction field manager for a high volume builder, she can’t afford to not be 100%. Not only is she not scheduling her trades correctly, she missed several installation errors which are now costing her company thousands of dollars to correct. Her tongue has been very harsh towards her coworkers and they have notified her supervisor of the issue. Sally has always been an excellent employee, so her supervisor is concerned about her.

Tom, a lead accountant for the same company is experiencing a similar challenge. He is unable to sleep and his stress levels are through the roof. He keeps making inexcusable errors on vital reports. He just can’t seem to think clearly. His mind won’t focus. Just the other day he fell asleep at his desk to be woken by a peer. He is very distressed because he knows his company is counting on him. To make up for his lack of productivity, he is now logging into his office network from home at night. His family is not happy about this because now he spends even less time with them.

Sally and Tom are not alone. Stress and sleep deprivation are a big problem in the United States. The National Sleep Foundations states that 50% of Americans are sleep deprived and 50% of all insomnia is stress-related.

Stress and Insomnia can cause extensive challenges for a person’s well being. Health problems such as obesity, diabetes, hypertension, are connected to stress and sleep deprivation. The World Health Organization estimates that stress alone costs businesses over 300 Billion a year. The 2012 Workplace Survey released by the American Psychological Association suggests that many Americans report chronic work-related stress. 41% said they “feel tense or stressed out during the workday,” up 4% from the prior year.

Read more


On Friday, November 14, 2014, Runway to Freedom 5 took place at the Showbox Theatre in Seattle. This year’s event benefited Mary’s Place, a local shelter that empowers women and children to reclaim their lives. Survivors gathered the strength and courage to share their powerful stories and inspire the audience throughout the night. It was truly beautiful to learned about how they were able to triumph and take control of their lives.

For the past four years, Runway to Freedom has been committed to empowering survivors of domestic violence . The event is produced and curated by Lauren Grinnell, who founded the charitable organization in 2010.

Domestic violence and abuse can happen to anyone, yet the problem is often overlooked. The reasons women stay in abusive relationships can vary, but leaving is almost never as simple as just walking away. There is help available. Mary’s Place offers these women safe shelter and the emotional support and services they need.

The night consisted of a fashion show with designs by Jamie Von Stratton, Cami Funk, Justin Zachary Bartle, Devon Yan Berrong, Kate Kinkle Designs and the Zebra Club. Jairemie Alexander was among the talented musicians who took the stage and delighted the crowd with their performance. Local Grammy Award-winning hip hop-artist Macklemore did the meet and greet for VIP attendees.

The energy and excitement in the room during the live auction was truly amazing. Donated auction items included a package to Teatro Zin Zanni, exclusive trips to Europe, guitars signed by Willie Nelson and Brandi Carlile, a football signed by Seahawks Kam Chancellor, running shoes signed by Marshawn Lynch, Doug Baldwin and Richard Sherman, among many other things.

Runway to Freedom raised over $20k. They will be donating fifty percent of their event’s proceeds to Mary’s Place. The other fifty

percent will help them complete the non-profit 501(c)(3) process, develop their own programing, and begin work on their long term goals.


© KendallLauren Photography, 2014 for Runway to Freedom 5

Check out photos from the event here!

“By supporting Runway to Freedom you are empowering survivors, sometimes in their greatest hour of need, to get safe and make a plan. You are transforming lives. With the help from our community, businesses, family and friends, we will create and instill confidence in women, men, and children who have been stripped of hope by abuse.”

You can donate online now and support Runway to Freedom in their efforts of empowering domestic violence victims to become survivors. Also, if you’re interested in becoming a donor or volunteering at next year’s event, please email

Abuse can take many different forms. Is someone you know in an unhealthy relationship? There are ways to help. The National Domestic Violence Hotline is one of the many resources available. Their highly trained advocates are available 24/7 to talk confidentially with anyone experiencing domestic violence. Mary’s Place also has a list of alternative local resources to assist those in need.

Remember, no one should live in fear of the person they love.

Seattle, get ready to live the sweaty life!

I first heard about ClassPass a few months ago. After reading reviews from users and learning about its benefits, I was very intrigued and couldn’t wait for them to make their way to Seattle. Although there are many fitness options out there, trying to find a place or the time to squeeze in a last minute sweat session can be overwhelming.

I have always been an extremely active person. At some point, I was even considered a workout junkie. Nothing makes me happier than squeezing a nice 5 mile run and a cardio session first thing in the morning. Sadly, these past few months I’ve struggled to meet fitness goals. I currently have a gym membership, but I am not a big fan of the location and their group classes are not the best. It’s easy to say that I’ve gone from a strict training schedule with lots of activity throughout the day, to a very sedentary lifestyle.

Thanks to ClassPass, getting my sweat on is about to get easier!

hello seattle


So, what is it? It’s an alternative to a gym membership. It provides the option to access the best boutique fitness classes in the city, meet new people, and continuously challenge your body. There are hundreds of classes available to ClassPass members, including cycling, pilates, yoga, strength training, dance, martial arts, and more.

ClassPass has already been a hit in other cities such as, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York, Boston, and Washington, D.C. And as of yesterday, it is finally available in Seattle.


ClassPass Pass The Happy

For $99 a month, ClassPass members get unlimited classes to use at studios in the ClassPass network. This is the perfect solution for those who get bored attending the same classes over and over and need variety to keep up their workout motivation. While a member can take as many classes per month as they’d like, they can only visit the same studio 3 times per month. But don’t worry because once the next month starts, you can visit that favorite studio again for 3 times. The ClassPass Seattle roster includes The Bar Method and FlyWheel, just to name a few.

Each ClassPass cycle is one month in length, and will automatically renew on the same day each month. For example, if you buy your ClassPass on November 5, your subscription will renew on December 5. Once your new month starts, you’ll be able to keep taking your favorite classes and also exploring new venues!. And the best part… ClassPass does not require an annual/long-term commitment.

ClassPass live the sweaty life


I will be trying ClassPass out this month and will report back to let you know about my experience. I am really excited about this and determined to get my active lifestyle back. If you can’t wait for my reviews and want to check it out for yourself, then head on over to ClassPass and request your invite. Make sure you check Seattle ClassPass Studio Map. Don’t worry if you don’t see a lot of options in your area, they’ll keep adding more studios over time.

I can’t wait to try out a few classes this week. Stay tuned for my updates and follow me on Instagram/Twitter: @arlemJM to learn more about my ClassPass fitness journey. I can already tell you that I am beyond excited to try out some studios that have been on my radar for a few months. Let the fun begin!

Until next time.





collage_tannya_1The Nordstrom Beauty trend show (this past weekend) had everything from Estee Lauder’s granddaughter to our own Jane Park, founder of Julep Nail Parlor. Their personal stories and tips for Fall 2014 were innovative and right on, I’m looking forward to applying these myself. Take a look…

Top 3 beauty tips:

1.) Spray perfume in your luggage, when you get to your destination and take out your clothes, everything will smell so fresh. -Aerin Lauder, Estee Lauder’s granddaughter

2.) Your make-up is only as good as your brushes, replace them as necessary. – Tip from MAC makeup artist

3.) It’s all about detoxing your make-up bag, condensing and cutting time in your day to get ready. Purchase products that do more than one thing for you – Tip from Bobbi Brown makeup artist

Most innovative products:

1.) Dior : ‘Addict Lip Glow Color Reviver Balm $33 – Glow lip balm changes to your own signature shade of pink, everyone has their own shade!

2.) Bobbi Brown: ‘Long-wear Cream Shadow Stick Tuxedo Black’ $28- Featured in Vogue, June 2012. You can create an easy smokey eye with this one product by an easy swipe and smudge.

3.) Clarisonic: ‘Mia 3/Aria Makeup Removal Expert $199 – The secret to flawless foundation and makeup is a clean face, prepping your canvas before applying your favorite products will make a huge difference.


Dior Lip Glow1BobbiBrownLongwearCreamShadowClarisonic




Seattle Goodwill will hold the 31st annual Glitter Sale on November 8 and 9, 2014. The sale is 9 am -6 pm Saturday and Sunday at Goodwill located at 1400 S. Lane St. in Seattle. Admission is free.

There will be designer, vintage, and unique one-of-a-kind items clothing and accessories for sale.  Designer pieces include Burberry, Prada, DVF, Coach, Dooney & Bourke, Jimmy Choo, Marc Jacobs, Betsy Johnson, Trina Turk, Coach, Michael Kors and more.  This year there will also be a small selection of wedding dresses and an expanded selection of silver jewelry for sale.

Goodwill will be repeating the numbering system so that customers do not need to stand in line for prolonged periods of time.  Upon arrival at the sale, customers should go to the table outside the store to get their number. The number is both entrance to the sale and the number to access the jewelry counter.

Racks will be restocked throughout the weekend.

Preview items from the sale including clothing, jewelry, accessories and other glam attire on Goodwill’s blog, Cup of Goodwill.  Individuals can sign up to receive blog posts at

All sales from the Glitter Sale benefit Goodwill’s free job training and education programs that help individuals in our community get the skills needed to gain employment

More About Seattle Goodwill
Seattle Goodwill Industries is a private, nonprofit organization that has served the central and northern Puget Sound since 1923. It provides free job-training and education programs and services that help low-income and underserved people obtain the skills they need to secure employment so they may achieve economic self-sufficiency. For more information about Goodwill programs, please call toll-free 1-877-GIVE4GOOD or visit the website at

Use #GlitterSale when tweeting!

Check out my coverage of the Glitter Sale a few…ahem…years ago.


Join me as I guest tweet at the SAM Remix on November 7th.

Choose your own adventure from a variety of performances, activities, dancing, and more, inspired by their new exhibition Pop Departures and the rest of SAM’s fabulous collection during this creative late night.

This late night out explodes with performances, talks, art making and more. Be sure to get your tickets early this event sells out! Event is 18+. For more information visit: and make sure you purchase your tickets:

SAM members enjoy priority access and a special membersonly bar at Remix. Not a member? Join SAM. Tickets are going fast. Get yours today!

See you then!

Don’t forget to connect with us!

Tweeting? Make sure you follow @arlemJM for more art updates and @GirlPowerHour for the scoop on the hottest events to help expand your social circles. Don’t forget to include the hashtags #SAMRemix #GirlPowerHour during your visit to the SAM and let us know what you think.

Spooks and ghouls will be finding their way to LaVida Studio’s Spooktacular Halloween Milonga “Tango Social Dance” on Friday, October 24th at 9:00pm.

I hope you will find your way there as well, and join us as we celebrate the haunting season with food, costume contests, special performances with a Halloween flair and, of course, great dancing. Come dressed in your favorite costume, play games and win prizes. Practice yourtango while socializing with old and new friends in a welcoming ambiance.

There will be a free intro to Tango class from 8:30pm 9:00pm, followed by Milonga from 9:00pm 1:00am. Event is all ages and admission is only $10 per person. So gather your costume, invite a friend and be prepared for a fun-filled evening. You won’t want to miss it!

See you there!!


All classes and events held at LaVida Studio 13620NE 20th St, Suite G | Bellevue, WA 98005 | 425643LIFE (5433)

LaVida Studio offers wide array of yoga, fitness and social partner dance classes for adults and kids. They specialize in teaching Argentine Tango, Salsa, Ballroom dance, Hiphop, Belly Dance and Flamenco classes in a beautiful, safe and friendly environment.

For more information visit and of course, feel free to contact them with any questions.

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