02.08 Beautifully Organized: One Girl, 100 Snowstorms

Beautifully Organized: Teaching you how to live life more organized

It is Friday and as luck would have it, I am in New England.   I arrived on Tuesday not knowing that a blizzard was on its way.  In fact, it isn’t until Wednesday that news reports even mentioned the word blizzard.  According to the dictionary, a blizzard is “a storm with dry, driving snow, strong winds and intense cold.” It promises to be a powerful storm.

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Ironically, I was living in New England in 1978 when a major blizzard hit and paralyzed much of the area.  Back then, the preparation for major weather events were not nearly as organized.  Basically, the police told everyone to stay home.  Now, many of the towns have “war” rooms to deal with just about any issue that comes up.  Various phone apps provide regular updates on the path of the snow storm and what to expect. No matter where you live, getting organized and prepared for a major weather event is the smart thing to do.  It doesn’t have to be a historic snow storm.

How to Prepare for a Snow Storm

Fill the car up with gas

Buy Ice Melt for sidewalks and other areas that might get icy

Stock up on groceries and drinking water

Charge cell phones and laptops

Ensure an adequate supply of candles and batteries are handy

Buy firewood

There are other items to include in  your storm preparation plan:

Get prescriptions filled and have enough medication on hand to last several days

Buy or download a few good books

For those of us lucky enough to have a gas range, precook meals like soup and chili that can easily be reheated (in case the power goes out).

For the beauty mavens among us, stock up on facial masques and other beauty treatments that can be done at home.  A major snow storm is the perfect excuse to take that long bubble bath that you have been putting off.

Yes a major snow storm can be disruptive and dangerous.  It can also be relaxing and provide great family time.  With a little advance planning, you can make the most of this time and be safe too.


Veronica Mayo

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