About Girl Power Hour

What is Girl Power Hour?

Girl Power Hour is Stylish Networking for Women. Occurring the third Thursday of every month at exciting venues across Seattle and the Eastside, Girl Power Hour events bring together fun, successful women just like you for a fabulous evening devoted to sharing ideas, building connections and making new friends. Every event also features inspiring special guests and speakers, charity tie-ins, door prizes, swag bags, and, of course, delicious cocktails. Girl Power Hour is networking the way it should be!

The Girl Power Hour Story…

The idea of Girl Power Hour was born when Darnell Sue  and Samantha Jackson met at a networking event in February 2007.  Feeling uninspired and bored, both thought business networking cold be done in a more engaging, creative, and stylish way, especially women. After life-changing meeting over coffee, the idea became reality when they combined Darnell’s stylish party-planning skills and Samantha’s years of professional networking to create a new kind of social networking group for women – Girl Power Hour.  To launch this idea, they invited all the creative, savvy, and business–minded women they knew to attend the first event Girl Power Hour event in September 2007.  The event was so successful that women began talking about GPH throughout Seattle. Since 2009, Girl Power Hour has been organized and operated by Darnell Sue and a team of local businesswomen (The Power Team). Samantha went on to pursue an international life, building community alongside her husband who teaches internationally.

How Girl Power Hour Works

GPH is a 21+ event. You can find and register for upcoming events on our website. By signing up for Invites and Girletter, you’ll receive announcements about events and other news so you won’t miss any of the fun. Be sure to bring your ID, lots of business cards, and flyers to promote your business for the flyer table. Tickets are available online or at the door for cash-only. Paying online, adds your name to the guest list and allows you to take advantage of lower ticket prices. The first 50 girls to arrive get swag bags and everyone is eligible for a door prize if they leave a business card at the check-in table. We have a professional photographer at every event, so expect to get your picture taken. If you prefer not to be photographed, please politely let the photographer know and she will respect your wishes. There is no dress code, but we see Girl Power Hour as an opportunity to dress up—heels and the whole lot! Why not gather your girlfriends and make it a night out!?

The Girl Power Hour Philosophy

We believe that women are natural networkers, especially in the kind of comfortable, non-threatening environment that a Girl Power Hour event provides. We also believe that everyone knows at least one person that you would like to know, which is why we encourage relationship-building instead of the typical aggressive and insincere networking approach. Finally, we understand that details are important and that people don’t notice them until they are not there. By creating a memorable, fun and stylish experience, we know that magic happens!


Previous Girl Power Hour sponsors have included Vitamin Energy, Dry Soda, Red Bull, Izze, Dlist Magazine, Glamour Magazine, Seattle Woman Magazine, uSnaps, Culturemob.com, Clubvibes.com, Luna Bar, Zing Bars, Laura Totten Photography, Barbie Hull Photography, Nataworry Photography, Fire Eyes Photography, MTM Properties, Pearl Vodka, Vox Vodka, Starbucks Liquer, Finamore, Cirque De Soliel, 5th Avenue Theatre, Broadway Across America, Seattle Fashion Week, Babeland, University Audi, Nuvo Moda, Bench Shoes, Carolina Pagano, Sole Food, Votre Vu, Tropical Tan, ITVNW, Massage Envy, University Audi and many more.


We’ve held events at the most stylish locations in Seattle, including: Hotel 1000, The W Hotel, Elaia spa at the Hyatt at Olive 8, The Pan Pacific Hotel, Salty’s on Alki, See Sound Lounge, Shilshole Bay Beach Club, The Canal, Solo Bar, The Sole Repair Shop, Calidora Skin Clinic, Alchemy Collections and Twist.

Swag and Door Prizes

Since our first event in 2007 we’ve prided ourselves on providing the best swag and door prizes in town. Unless otherwise noted, there will be 50 swag bags on a first come, first serve basis at every event. We do not add flyers to our bags unless they offer heavy discounts or gift certificates. Currently, there is no fee to contribute to our swag bags, but each item must be approved before it is submitted.

Additionally, we give away at least five door prizes at every event. We like to give away items that highlight your business and have a significant value or perceived value. If you are interested in donating swag or a door prize, please let us know and we can discuss your ideas.

Featured Speakers and Guests

Each Girl Power Hour event has a theme, and in some cases we host speakers and special guests who coincide with to that event’s theme.

Notable speakers and guests have included Rebecca Agiewich, author of Breakup Babe, Lindsey Moran, author of Blowing my Cover: My Life as a CIA Spy, Lisa Quast, author and blogger, Whitney Keyes, local marketing guru and blogger , Jill Keto, author of Don’t Get Caught With Your Skirt Down (In a Recession), Molly Hoyne, our resident Purveyor of Joy, and others.

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