04.20 30 Day Challenge: Team GPH Profiles (Which Girl are You?)

Team GPH: Zong Her, Darnell Sue, Corrie Westmoreland-Vairo. Photo by Nancy Treder Photography.

When we sat down this year to discuss how we wanted to structure The Challenge, one thing kept reoccurring in our conversations: We’re all so busy, is it possible to integrate a healthy eating plan and fitness routine that didn’t take up ALL of our time? Was it possible that we could create something that worked for each of us individually? As we talked about our lifestyles, we realized that we each had different struggles, concerns and favorite indulgences. And that is how we came up with the 3 profiles. If one of these profiles resonates with you, feel free to jump on said bandwagon and follow “her” journey on Tumblr (see links below), right here on the GPH blog and on the GPH Facebook Group.

Team GPH: “The Girls”

Darnell Sue (Middle): Socialite with an Appetite | #teambikinimartini | darnellsue.tumblr.com

  • You set your own schedule and you’re an on-the-go-girl who doesn’t have much time to eat but when you do you indulge in happy hour fare, whatever they offer at social gatherings, decadent take-out or whatever looks good. When you’re not eating out, you attempt to eat at home, when you remember to do so, or when you’re on a kick to shed a few. You love your martini’s and your tapas but summer is coming and it’s time to change your habits and get into a better mind-set and your bikini.
  • Struggles: Cravings, making healthy choices when she’s out and about and when she’s at home, emotional eating, making time to prep, staying on the “healthy bandwagon”
  • Favorite Indulgences: Wine, Carbs
  • Team “Make it Count” Nutrition Coach: Minh-Hai Tran (overcoming emotional eating & habits)

Corrie Vairo (Right): Modern Day Maven | #teammodernmaven | corriewv.tumblr.com

  • You’ve got a lot on your plate between career and family and at least one person depends on you to make things happen in more ways than one. You work 24 hours a day so family time and shared meals are important and are usually filled with calorie overload. You’re a traditional girl looking for balance and a way to infuse better nutritional choices into family time without sacrificing taste or substance.
  • Struggles: Saying no when hubby cooks his delicious Italian meals, squeezing in meals during the day, making better choices during client lunches or happy hours
  • Favorite Indulgences: Carbs, Dairy
  • Team “Make it Count” Nutrition Coach: Caryn Laviv (non-calorie counting approach to Nutrition Development  and Weight-loss )

Zong Her (Left): Fast-Moving Fitness Fiend | #teamfastmover  | zongher2.tumblr.com

  • You’re an overachieving athletic type who’s always ready for a challenge.  You give your all to everything you do and you never give up. You have big goals but you need support to help you get there. You’re committed to getting fit, eating better and the time it takes to make your fitness dreams come true but you can’t do it alone and you need help finding meal plans that support your high-energy endeavors.
  • Struggles: Making time to work out,  going to events and saying no to all the goodies, incorporating active living in to every day life (walking/biking instead of driving), reaching a goal then maintaining it
  • Favorite Indulgences: Sugar and more Sugar!
  • Team “Make it Count” Nutrition Coach: Lara Dalch (Food & Fitness for Fast People)

Darnell Sue

Darnell is the founder of Girl Power Hour, with which she strives to empower, celebrate and inspire women. She has a BA in Business Administration with an emphasis in Marketing and International Business and has worked in TV, radio, print media and event planning over the last 15 years. She is passionate about helping and connecting women to brands and other women. She enjoys traveling the world, tweeting and staying connected. @darnellsue @GirlPowerHour #whatsnext

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  1. Darnell Sue

    Which gal are you?!

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  3. Michelle

    I am Socialite with an appetite. and would love to join the 30 day challenge!

  4. Hilary Paris

    Great, Michelle! Make sure you join our Facebook Page: http://www.facebook.com/groups/36372425552/ Looking forward to hearing from you and offering support! Sincerely,

    Hilary from “Team Hustle”

  5. Jackie Bisuera

    Definitely with a capital “D” Socialite w/ an appetite…to a T!

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