04.20 30 Day Challenge: Team Feel Good (our Mental Mind-Shifters)

Team Feel Good: Kat Kim, Nancy Treder, Kirsten Helle. Photo by Nancy Treder Photography.

When we begin to think about getting in shape, we usually think about two things: nutrition and fitness. We start thinking about how many times per week were going to work out, what disciplines we’re going to utilize  and what we’re going to and not going to eat on a daily basis. Sometimes it can seem overwhelming. And when we finally get into the gym, we feel…out of place and shape. The good news is, is that you’re there. You’ve take the first steps in your journey and you’re committed to making a change. That’s where Team Feel Good comes in. They are the missing piece to the puzzle. The third prong to the “Trifecta of Three.” They’ll offer the support and tools you need to help you along the way.

Team Feel Good (will provide support for all “girls” with mental support, tips and recipes):

  • Kat Kim, Revolution Self Image – Helping women overcome mental obstacles from the inside out
  • Nancy Treder, Fuerte Fitness -Providing weekly health and fitness tips
  • Kirsten Helle, Owner & Founder of  Mesa de Vida – Personal chef and Nutrition consultant

Kat Kim, Founder and CEO of Revolution Self Image

Kat Kim is the founder and CEO of Revolution Self Image and creator of the “Redefining Beauty Mindset MakeoverTM,” a revolutionary process that is helping women across the world transform their lives and bodies. She is a nationally certified personal trainer, mindset coach, image consultant and Law of Attraction teacher.  Kat’s unique process is based on her philosophy that in order for lasting transformation to occur you must first learn to love, honor and respect yourself. Formerly on the path to destruction and leading a very unhealthy life herself, Kat has used this same process to transform her own life.  Kat’s vision is to start a global movement to redefine beauty from the inside out, so that women and children all over the world can confidently look in the mirror and love the image they see! Be sure to get your FREE Mindset Video at: www.revolutionselfimage.com, and follow Kat on Facebook and Twitter to receive daily doses of empowerment and inspiration that will help you look and feel good from the inside out!

Website: www.revolutionselfimage.com | FB: revolutionselfimage | Twitter: kat_kim_ | Email: kat@revolutionselfimage.com

Kirsten Helle – Owner and Chef at Mesa de Vida (Table of Life)
Kirsten is a personal chef and nutrition consultant who loves to help families “Bring More Life To Their Table”! Chef Kirsten is available as a personal chef for weekly meals or private small parties in the Bellevue/Seattle area and nationally she you can bring healthy meals to your family table through her menu subscription plan, “Menu’s by Mesa de Vida”. She shares healthy recipes and tips on living a vibrant lifestyle on her blog at Mesadevida.com as well as on her Facebook fan page (facebook.com/mesadevida). Having lost over 100 pounds and transforming her life by utilizing her knowledge about nutrition and cooking….she now wants to help others reach their goals also – whether they be shedding excess pounds, cutting out processed foods to live a healthier life or simply helping you bring delicious, healthy meals to your family. Enjoy!

Website: www.mesadevida.com | FB: mesadevida | Twitter: mesadevida | Email: mesadevida@live.com

Nancy Treder, Media Relations Consultant and Photographer
Working alongside Adriana Medina (Team Hustle) as a Media Relations Consultant, helping women achieve their health and fitness goals is of highest priority. She will providing health and wellness tips for girls on the go on the GPH Blog and on the GPH Facebook Group twice a week during the challenge. Nancy is also the owner of Nancy Treder Photograhy and she took all the photos for the 30 Day Challenge Project.  She enjoys media relations and crisis communications; media coaching, speechwriting and corporate photography. Treder holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of La Verne and holds the degree of Certified Professional Photographer from the Professional Photographers of America, a designation held by fewer than 2500 photographers worldwide. Treder is a social entrepreneur and supports many causes.  She is a board member for the Academy of Business Leadership which educates and inspires young adults to become future business leaders of America and abroad.  Treder is a volunteer photographer for www.Soulumination.org which gives the gift of photography to families with children facing life-threatening illnesses

Website: www.nancytreder.com | Twitter: 4togra4 | Email: nancy@nancytreder.com


Darnell Sue

Darnell is the founder of Girl Power Hour, with which she strives to empower, celebrate and inspire women. She has a BA in Business Administration with an emphasis in Marketing and International Business and has worked in TV, radio, print media and event planning over the last 15 years. She is passionate about helping and connecting women to brands and other women. She enjoys traveling the world, tweeting and staying connected. @darnellsue @GirlPowerHour #whatsnext

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